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If you are considering updating your HVAC system or have recently updated your unit, you may be wondering why you should purchase a maintenance service agreement for something that’s brand new.

One way to think about it is to compare your heating and air conditioning system to your car. Both of them are investments that require regular maintenance to perform at their best – even when new.

Discover the many benefits of a maintenance service agreement:

Benefits Of A Maintenance Service Agreement

Improves Efficiency

Scheduling regular maintenance checks will help to ensure that your system is running in optimal condition.

Lowers The Likelihood Of Expensive Repairs

Since you are having your HVAC system looked at regularly, any possible issues can be caught early before they can turn into more serious (and more expensive) repairs.

Increases Longevity

Looking after your system by keeping it in good working order and having necessary repairs performed promptly will keep it in service longer than if you were less diligent about looking after them.

Save Money

You can get the protection you need for your air conditioning and heating system for just a few dollars a month. This investment may entitle you to preferred rates on parts and labor if your unit needs repairs, as well as a discount on your tune ups.

Expert HVAC Service Provider

Our maintenance service agreement includes two tune-up maintenance visits per year. Our technician will come to your home with a list of tasks to be performed and items to check to ensure that your air conditioner and heater are working properly.

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