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Cooler temperatures are here. What if your furnace doesn’t turn on? It’s a problem that surprises many homeowners in the Phoenix area who rarely use their furnaces. If you’ve been left out in the cold due to a faulty furnace, here are the features to look for when choosing a new one:

5 Features To Have In A New Furnace

Variable Speed

Top quality furnaces will have variable speed technology to enable you to better control your home’s comfort and your utility bill. Furnaces that offer variable speeds consume substantially less watts of energy than those that have a continuous fan mode.

Two-Stage Heating

Furnaces with two-stage heating can greatly reduce temperature swings in your home by helping to maintain consistent levels. This feature works similar to having two separate furnaces. The first stage is usually enough to keep your home warm on mild winter days and evenings. The second stage kicks in when the demand for heat is higher.


When you’re purchasing a new furnace, you’ll want to pay close attention to the Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) percentage. This number will provide you with information on how efficiently the furnace converts fuel to energy. The higher the AFUE percentage, the more energy-efficient or fuel-efficient the furnace. The current government minimum rating is 78 percent.


Some furnaces are noisy, and this is a problem for many homeowners! If you want a quiet system, make sure to choose one with a variable speed and/or two-stage features. Insulation in the blower section and enclosed burners can also cut down on noise.


A furnace is a big household purchase. You don’t want to roll the dice on one that is of marginal quality. Look for the Good Housekeeping Seal on the product, and make sure to discuss what your best option is with a qualified technician. At Simply the Best, we can help you make the right choice! Call us today to speak with on our or specialist on purchasing a new furnace.