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Indoor Air Quality

Installing Advanced Air Scrubbers & Air Purification Systems in the Phoenix Metro Area


Did you know that the average home has air that is over five times worse than the air outside? Between household odors, swirling dust, and microbes like bacteria and viruses, the air in your home is probably not as clean as you might think it is. Besides servicing and installing conventional heating and air conditioning systems, Simply The Best Heating & Cooling offers a range of additional Gilbert indoor air quality services to help improve the indoor air quality of your home or business. We proudly offer repairs and new installations throughout the Greater Phoenix area suburbs.

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Gilbert Air Duct Cleaning

As with any metropolitan area in a desert climate, The Phoenix metro area is no stranger to high levels of dust. As this dust passes through your heating and air conditioning system, it inevitably collects in your ductwork, leading to a significant decrease in air quality. Other airborne particles like mold spores, bacteria and smoke particles, and even chemical fumes can make their way into your air ducts, air filters, air conditioning fans and ceiling registers, where they can stay indefinitely. The best way to get rid of them is with a professional duct cleaning service.

Since 2002, Simply the Best Heating & Cooling has excelled at improving indoor air quality by removing dust and particles that have accumulated in your air ducts. We believe many homeowners overlook getting their air ducts cleaned, so we’re vigilant in offering this service and making it cost-effective.

UV Air Scrubber Installation

A UV air scrubber is an ultraviolet-emitting lamp installed in your HVAC return duct. Any air that passes through this duct and into your HVAC system runs past this lamp, where ultraviolet radiation blasts any microscopic biological contaminants, either killing them instantly or rendering them inert. A UV air scrubber lamp can greatly reduce the microbe population in your air in just a single pass, and continuous use can lead to a major reduction in bacteria, viruses, pollen, mold spores, dust mites, and plenty of other tiny organisms that might be floating around you.

Air Filtration Systems

Simply the Best Heating & Cooling sells and installs the top air filters on the market, including electrostatic air filters, which can trap up to 94 percent of the dust and allergens in your home. Our sturdy, washable air filters will save you money over the long run while dramatically improving the quality of your indoor air. Talk to a Simply the Best HVAC technician to learn more about our full line of home air filters to see which one is right for your system.


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