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Air ducts are the pathways through which conditioned air travels throughout your home. While they have no moving parts, they are more likely to be the source of your heating and cooling problems than you might believe. For example, bad indoor air quality may be due to dust or mold buildup inside a duct network, and low air pressure might be the results of numerous air leaks that have developed throughout your duct lines. At Simply The Best Heating & Cooling, our team of experienced Gilbert ductwork service pros offer solutions to all of your air duct issues, including repairs, maintenance, and even professional cleaning.

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Over time, dust and other debris will eventually accumulate in your air duct system. While your air filter will protect against much of this (particularly if frequently changed), the particles that accumulate in your ducts will continue to drag down your indoor air quality. Therefore, we strongly recommend having your air ducts professionally cleaned on a regular basis. At Simply The Best Heating & Cooling, we use modern tools and techniques for a thorough and complete clean that eliminates everything from dust to dander and mold to other microbes like pollen and bacteria!

Air Duct Repairs in Gilbert

Are you sick of your air ducts wasting money? Even small leaks in your air ducts can be sucking money out of your wallet every month. At Simply The Best Heating & Cooling, we offer duct inspection and repair services that seal these leaks and give you the dependable ducts you need. If you notice that your air pressure seems low, your air conditioner isn’t producing air that’s as cold as it once was, or that your conditioned air has a strange smell to it, duct damage may be the culprit. Call for service right away!

New Duct Installation

Adding a new duct run to your home isn’t as simple or straightforward as you might think. The new run must be well-constructed and leak-free, but it must also be strategically planned in order to not ruin the delicate balance of your HVAC system. Whether you want to add cooling to a new addition in your home, change the way your ducts are routed, or simply change what your HVAC system can do, let the team at Simply The Best Heating & Cooling take care of the job for you.

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