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The name heat pump is a bit of a misnomer, since these devices can be used to heat and cool a home or an office building. These devices take a small amount of energy and move it from one location to another.

Traditionally, they pull heat either from the air or the ground to heat a structure but when the process is reversed, they can cool.

How Heat Pumps Work

Heat Transfer

All heat pumps operate on the principle of heat transfer. Since heat naturally flows from where there is a location with a high temperature to one where there is a lower temperature (flows “downhill”). This type of system is called an air-air heat pump, since it pulls heat from outdoor air and transfers it to indoor air ducts.

Cool Air From A Heat Pump

To get a heat pump to cool a home or office, the reversing valve comes into play. It reverses the flow of the refrigerant to allow the system to operate in the opposite direction. Instead of pumping heat to the interior, it releases it outside in the same way that an air conditioner does.

When the refrigerant is reversed, it absorbs heat on the interior side of the unit and then flows to the outside. The heat is processed, the refrigerant is cooled down, and it flows back inside your home so that it can pick up more heat. The process repeats until the home is cooled down to a comfortable level.

Heat Pumps vs. Electric Heat

Heat pumps are a good choice for homeowners living in areas with moderate climates. If the temperature drops below freezing regularly during colder months, it probably will not be able to keep your home warm enough on its own, and you will need a backup source of heat.

When you are looking at a heat pump vs. electric heat, keep in mind that heat pumps do not use electricity for heating and cooling; it is only used for running fans and pumps. As a result, heat pumps are more efficient for maintaining a constant temperature in your home. You will save a significant amount on your heating bill by choosing a heat pump.

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