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For many homeowners in the greater Phoenix area, windows and doors are kept tightly shut during the summer to keep cool air in and to minimize blowing dust from monsoon storms. With reduced natural ventilation, air quality can be negatively impacted. Yet, there are steps to improving your home air quality during these months.

Clean or Replace Your HVAC Filters

The most important task to not only maintain air quality, but also ensure the efficiency of your air conditioner, is to regularly replace or clean your air conditioner’s filters. Clogged, dirty filters hinder airflow and can blow dust and pollen in your home. Not sure where to find your HVAC system’s filters? The most common filter locations are in walls, ceilings or in the air conditioner itself. Some filters are reusable and can be cleaned periodically. Other filters need to be replaced. Cleaning or replacing filters is something that should happen at least every month or two, if not more frequently during monsoon season.

Schedule Air Duct Cleaning

Of course, dirt and dust from a Phoenix dust storm doesn’t just sit in your air conditioner’s filter. It can collect throughout the ductwork leading into your home. Airborne particulates, including bacteria, spores, mold and toxins can reside in your HVAC system’s ducts. When your air conditioner is turned on they can blow through the registers and into your home. This is why it’s necessary to have your system professionally cleaned. Call Simply the Best to learn more about this cost-effective solution for improving your home air quality.

Consider UV Light Installation

At Simply the Best, we also encourage homeowners to consider UV (ultraviolet) lights to improve their air quality. This solution, which involves UV lights being installed in your central air conditioning system to prevent the growth of harmful mold, bacteria, viruses and other microbes, can improve air quality and air flow.

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