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If you’re like most homeowners, you dread summertime electricity bills. Air conditioning can drive up monthly costs by tens and even hundreds of dollars. While there is no way to get around using your air conditioner during the hot Arizona summer, there are ways to keep costs under control. One of those ways is to think strategically when it comes to when and how your use your air conditioner. This includes determining if it is more economical to keep your AC on or off while you’re away from home.

Should You Turn It Off?

Many homeowners wonder if it’s better to turn off their air conditioner while they’re at work all day. This is really a question of indoor climate control efficiency. Many believe that it is more economical to leave their air conditioner continuously on rather than jumpstart it upon returning home.

This is a myth that will be disproven by any experienced air conditioning professional. It’s a reality that leaving the air on all day results in a higher use of energy which can increase your monthly bill. The ongoing fluctuation to sustain a constant temperature is more taxing on an air conditioner than if you flipped on the system when you returned home. With more use, you’ll also decrease the lifespan of your air conditioning system. By turning your air conditioner off when you’re not home, you will see an immediate difference in your utility bill, as well as increase how long your system functions.

Other Cost-Saving Air Conditioner Tips

Along with turning off your system when you’re not home, there are other ways to reduce your energy consumption.

  • Lower your thermostat to 78 degrees when you are home.
  • Use screens to shade your windows.
  • Add more plants around your home.
  • Turn on your ceiling fans.
  • Limit use of your oven and burners.

It’s also important to maintain your air conditioning unit’s efficiency with ongoing maintenance and proactive repairs. At Simply the Best, we’re here to keep you cool throughout the summer with expert service across the greater Phoenix area.