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When it comes to attic insulation, homeowners commonly have two options – large pieces of insulation, called batts or blown-in cellulose.  Batts are constructed of cotton or fiberglass and cellulose is made of recycled newsprint, treated with fire retardant.

Cellulose vs Fiberglass

Cellulose is only available as a loose-fill (blown) material. It has some advantages, including being resistant to rodents, insects and mold. It also offers soundproofing qualities and is environmentally friendly. In contrast, fiberglass is available, both as loose-fill and in batt form. Many homeowners believe that rolled insulation is the most effective. Yet, they often find out that’s not always the case.

Blown vs Batts

There are certainly benefits to rolls of insulation, especially for the purpose of hanging under floors or used in open-framing in new construction. It also provides a cleaner appearance. Yet, there are downsides to rolled out insulation. It must be placed between each ceiling joist and over, under and around components of an attic, such as pipes and electrical conduit. This can create gaps and other areas that can cause leaks.

What about Existing Attic Insulation?

Unless you’re in a new home, it’s likely there already is existing attic rolled insulation. Placing additional rolled material on top of it can also result in a less than effective fit. This is why most insulation experts will tell you that rolled fiberglass should only be installed in homes without existing fiberglass.

There Is a Third Option

Besides batts and blown-in cellulose, Simply the Best offers blown-in fiberglass insulation. This is considered the gold standard of attic insulation for good reason. It fills the entire space of an attic floor with no gaps without the settling issues that cellulose has.

In the greater Phoenix area, there are extremes in temperature that warrant every homeowner to consider their insulation needs. At Simply the Best, we work with you to ensure you get the best possible insulation for your specific needs. This includes an initial assessment of your existing insulation and professional installation of blown-in fiberglass. We even offer discounts for seniors and veterans.

The benefits of proper insulation are substantial. Not only will it help retain cool air in the summer and warm air in the winter, it will reduce the load on your HVAC system. Have you just purchased a new home? Are you looking for a way to reduce your monthly utility bills? Call Simply the Best today to learn more about attic insulation services throughout the entire greater Phoenix area.