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Summer is here in the Phoenix metro area, and that means we should be bracing for monsoon storms in the coming weeks. Blowing dust caused by summer storms cannot only cover your patio and pool, they can actually damage your air conditioner.

AC Systems During Summer Storms

In most cases, your air conditioner will function normally during and after a storm. However, a significant windstorm can be a real problem. This is why it’s very important to check your air conditioning unit following a weather event. Of course, it never makes sense to check your air conditioner unit during a storm. However, once it has subsided, you should take a look to make sure it is still running and hasn’t been damaged by branches or other items that may have become airborne during the storm. This should be done from the ground level. Don’t be tempted to climb on your roof!

Is There Damage? Maybe You Can’t See It?

If there is damage, call Simply the Best to inspect your unit. We can ensure its safety and functionality and repair any damage that may have occurred because of the storm.

If everything looks ok, you will want to inspect your system’s filters. Large amounts of dust can filter through your system during a storm. This is why we recommend changing out filters at least once a month during monsoon season. Not only will this help maintain the quality of your indoor air, it will also ensure your air conditioner isn’t having to work harder than it has to.

Excessive Damage

Summer storms can also cause power outages. If you experience a loss of power, obviously your air conditioner will not work until power is regained. In some cases, fuses can be tripped causing the system not to function. If you have experienced a complete system failure following a storm, it’s worth checking your fuse box to ensure that this isn’t the problem. Often, a simple flip of a switch can restore power. If you have questions about maintaining your air conditioner during the summer or just need a service provider to inspect your system now, give Simply the Best a call at today.