HVAC Service in Gilbert, AZ

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If your heater does not heat and your air conditioning is not chilling the air, then it is a perfectly reasonable next step to call your local AC and heating repair services. But every service call incurs a service charge, no matter how minor the repair may be. So you need to be sure that, especially in this current economy, heating and cooling issues are worth the time and effort of the professionals. Here is a list of common concerns to check off your list before calling in the big (and expensive) guns.

When Is It Time To Call The Professionals?

  • “My unit isn’t turning on” – This can certainly be a problem, but there are numerous places along the power chain where this could be occurring, and not necessarily in the unit itself. Check the immediate power cords, then check the appropriate circuit breaker, including circuit breakers on any surge protectors you may be using. And finally, check your thermostat to make sure it is set to the appropriate action and target temperature.
  • “My air conditioner seems to be full of water” – AC units require proper drainage to get rid of condensation, and water buildup can occur for a lot of different reasons, some of them easily addressed. If the unit in question is a window unit, make sure it is angled enough to allow natural drainage towards the outside of the house. A clogged or gummed line can also cause water to back up. Turn the unit off, unplug it, and try to clean out the drainage port with an unfolded wire coat hanger.
  • “My unit seems less efficient” – If your heating or cooling unit has been in your home for any length of time, and you notice a decrease in function, your first step should always be to check the filters. Consult your manual for their respective locations and types, and pull them out to see if they might be overdue for a new one.

By first eliminating these common and easily solved problems, you can not only save time and money, you can also save yourself from stress. Few things can be more embarrassing than having an air conditioning and heating repairperson come out to your house, look at your unit, flip one switch, and leave you a bill.