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Did you know that the Southern United States has the highest concentration of homes with air conditioning, with an estimated 85%? The Midwest and Northeast follow, with 76% and 44% respectively. However, the seasons are changing, and winter fast approaches, which means its time to start that furnace up again. After months without usage, it might be time to do some maintenance. You might even possibly need heating furnace repair, but there are some simple steps that you can use to avoid these expensive bills.Considering how the average serious HVAC repair in the U.S. costs between $500 and $700, maintaing your systems to avoid heating furnace repair bills is a must. The first thing you can do is to regularly change the air filter, which should be done at least once every two months. This is an easy thing to do, and it keeps the air circulated in your home clean, dust free and void of any pollutants.

Also, if you want to avoid steep heating furnace repair bills, need to clean all the dirt and gunk out of your furnace. It kills your furnace’s efficiency, and increases its energy consumption, according to How Stuff Works. This means higher bills, too. Furnaces have three basic parts: the filter, the blower, and the motor. Each of these parts needs to be thoroughly cleaned.

Simple maintenance to your HVAC system can help you avoid costly heating furnace repairs, and much of it is basic cleaning. Keeping the system in good working order also helps lower your energy bill, and it keeps your family healthy and comfortable. If you have any other tips to avoid expensive heating furnace repair bills, feel free to share in the comments! If you have any questions about avoiding heating contractors’ expensive heating furnace repair bills, feel free to ask in the comments!