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According to the American Council for Energy Efficient Economy, our residential air conditioning systems consume about 5% of all the power produced in America. So it makes of sense to understand the importance of getting the right size unit when looking for a replacement.

But what’s so important about the correct HVAC size?

One Reason HVAC Units No Longer Need To Be “Oversized”

In the past, houses were not built as “tightly” and as energy efficient as they are now. It was more common practice to install heating and cooling systems that were much larger than required. However, homes are now constructed with better windows, higher-quality insulation and weather-stripping. HVAC units no longer need to be larger than necessary to heat or cool the home since these home improvements help prevent cold air from getting in and vice versa.

Problems Of Heating And Cooling Systems That Are Too Large

HVAC systems that are too large are more costly in both installation and operation. Such units consume more fan power and can suffer more duct leakages because of higher duct pressures. They also tend to “short cycle” because they quickly cool or heat the air, which doesn’t allow the unit to run as long as it normally should. While this may sound like a good thing, short cycling can actually wear out the unit faster because of the constant on/off activity. This can also cause frequent temperature swings.

As a homeowner, you need a heating and cooling system that keeps you and your family at the optimal comfort level in your home, while conserving energy. The biggest mistake most people make is to use the BTU nameplate to determine how large the next HVAC unit should be. Secondly, you cannot determine how large your air conditioner is going to be by comparing with your neighbor; every home is constructed differently.

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