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Your air conditioning is an expensive, yet important necessity – especially out here in the AZ desert. We have come to depend on our AC for comfort and convenience but there is no denying that cooling systems gobble up a large amount of power. It is, however, in everyone’s best interest to reduce consumption.

The following are a few persistent air conditioning myths that have gotten in the way of saving power and actually end up wasting energy.

3 Air Conditioning Myths That Waste Energy

Myth #1: Just Buy A Unit With A High-Efficiency Rating And All Your Problems Will Be Solved.

Systems that are 10-15 years old should definitely retire. Newer models have been designed with better technologies. They are significantly more efficient than their predecessors and the upgrade should result in lower energy consumption. Yet there are also other factors to consider. If you buy a unit that is too large for the home, it can cause it to constantly short cycle, which is both damaging to the unit and doesn’t allow for proper dehumidification of your home, causing it to be less comfortable. If you purchase an undersized air conditioner, it could keep the unit running almost constantly; wasting energy and wearing it out prematurely while not properly leaving your home at your desired temperature level.

Myth #2: You Can Install The Unit Anywhere You Like And Get The Same Results.

Location is vital. The main thing is to place the unit in an area that is shaded by the sun. Direct sunlight will heat it up and force it to work harder to provide adequate cooling. The best location is a wall facing north as it receives the least amount of sunlight. The worst is a side facing south. In case the ideal situation is not possible, try to make up for it by planting trees and other plants that can provide shade.

Myth #3: You Should Leave The Ceiling Fan On When Away From The Room To Make It Cooler.

It’s true that fans can add to the cooling effect of air conditioners but they work in different ways. AC’s cool down the air inside a room. Fans promote increased air circulation that causes evaporative cooling on the skin. A person needs to be inside the room, preferably near the fan, to take advantage of this effect. Leaving it on when you leave will not cause the air to get cooler by any means, it will just waste power.

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