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The term “Winter is Coming” might resonate with people who are anxious for the next season of Game of Thrones on HBO. However, it might bring chills to homeowners who are less worried about political enemies and dragons than they are about keeping their home warm throughout the coldest winter months.

Staying Warm This Winter

Building a big fire might be the only way to fight back against the cold in George R.R. Martin’s fictional land, but the average homeowner has a furnace and HVAC systems to help them stay warm. Unfortunately, if there are uncorrected problems with those systems, they might be harder to manage, and less effective, than even a fire. So getting heating repairs performed right away is always smart.

Central HVAC systems for heating and cooling are the most convenient option for homeowners who don’t want to spend lots of time fussing with dials and turning vents up and down constantly. Thermostats make it easy to pick a comfortable temperature and not have to worry about making adjustments if you don’t want to. However, heating repair services are often needed when problems arise. Common issues include broken thermostats and clogged or leaking ducts, but no matter the issue, when one arises, it can be tough to stay warm. When a problem develops, finding a professional who can provide speedy heating repairs is a must for homeowners who don’t want staying warm to be a chore.

Hiring heating contractors who can offer regular maintenance is important for avoiding significant problems, especially in older systems. In the U.S., some 20% of the homes built in the 1980s now have HVAC systems that are themselves more than two decades old. Like everything, older systems are more prone to breakdowns and problems that cause them to run less efficiently. While it is always recommended to get inspections and maintenance before turning a system on for the season, doing so is particularly necessary in homes with older systems. That could not only help families stay warm during one season, but for many more to come.

Considering the fact that Christmas is on the doorstep, winter is no longer on its way; it is here. While that might mean it’s a good time of year to get cozy on the couch and spend nights in watching TV and staying warm, rather than enjoying the outdoors, it also means that homeowners have the challenge of making sure their heating systems are working properly. If that was not done before the real cold set in, then it might be tough to get heating repairs without having to spend a night or two bundled up by the fire (or space heater) just like they do in Westeros.