HVAC Service in Gilbert, AZ

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If you happen to live in the always-sunny region of Arizona around Tempe, Gilbert, Chandler, Scottsdale, or Mesa, you might easily be lulled into a false sense of security about your HVAC system, and think that it will run forever without intervention in this paradise-like setting. That’s far from the truth of course, and the reality is that an HVAC system requires the same kind of care and maintenance that your automobile does, or it just won’t run properly.

Apart from the obvious benefit of keeping your home cool when the weather outside is hot, and warming it when there’s a chill in the air, there are some other good reasons to keep your HVAC system running smoothly with regular preventive maintenance. If you don’t personally like doing the necessary maintenance, you should contact your local HVAC specialist, like Simply the Best Heating & Cooling, to arrange for it to be done professionally.

Indoor air quality

Well-maintained heating and cooling system greatly reduces harmful pollutants in the breathing air inside your home, and this can be especially important to any occupants who may have respiratory issues. By cleaning your air filters and coils regularly, you can keep your HVAC unit operating at peak performance, whereas if you ignore maintenance, contaminants like dirt, mold, and bacteria will all be allowed to accumulate in filters, and possibly spread throughout the home.

System life

As with almost any major piece of equipment or appliance, the better it’s maintained during its working life, the longer that working life will be. Both air conditioners and furnaces should last at least 10 years and probably longer when they’re well-maintained, and since either one would be a considerable financial investment to replace, it is certainly to your benefit to encourage long life.

Lower utility bills

One of the biggest reasons that preventive maintenance is to your advantage is in keeping your utility bills under control. When an air conditioner or furnace is running at peak efficiency, it uses less energy in the performance of its duties, and that means your monthly utility bill will be kept manageable. When filters get clogged, units have to work twice as hard, and that is always reflected in energy bills.

Need for repairs

Any HVAC unit which is well-maintained, is far less likely to require major repair work, so it’s definitely to your advantage to keep current with inspections and with regular maintenance to parts that require it.

Warranty requirements

In order for warrantees to be honored, regular maintenance has to be performed, so that your HVAC unit is functioning as the manufacturer intended. If all specified maintenance is kept up-to-date, when breakdowns do occur, a malfunctioning component might be covered by your warranty, and replaced free of charge by the manufacturer. To make sure that you’re in good standing with your warranty, always check expiration dates on major components. This will also provide you with the knowledge to anticipate upcoming issues before they occur, and cause a loss of service.