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For the most part, mold has a negative connotation. Many people mistakenly think mold is a substance that only naturally occurs outside, but the fact is mold problems can occur anywhere as the spores that initiate growth are generally present in the air.

Indoor mold growth is often a problem in many businesses and can be costly.

Learn how to prevent and stop mold growth in your business HVAC system now!

Mold Growth

Indoor mold growth is often a problem in many different types of buildings, both residential and commercial. Business HVAC systems are prone to mold accumulation, especially in the ducts that distribute heated and cooled air throughout the premises. Mold loves to grow in warm, damp and humid conditions. Wet, porous building materials, indoor humidity higher than 60%, moderate to warm temperatures and air movement encourage indoor mold growth. Even short-lived increases in humidity or indoor water accumulation caused by heavy rains, melting snow or ice and brief flooding, can also exacerbate mold growth.

Protect And Prevent Your Business From Mold Growth In Your HVAC System

Fortunately, Simply the Best Heating and Cooling can help you protect your business by controlling water and moisture accumulation on your premises. Properly sizing your HVAC system to meet your building’s requirements will go a long way toward ensuring that the heating and air conditioning runs properly. As a commercial HVAC contractor, we can help you determine your building’s requirements not only for heating and cooling, but also for dehumidification, water drainage and other factors that can impact water and humidity control.

The presence of air filters and specialized air-handling systems can also help reduce the introduction of moisture and mold spores into building interiors. Proper drainage for chillers, adequate insulation and ventilation along with humidity controls will minimize moisture on walls and inside pipe, ducts and other building envelope surfaces. Some commercial buildings may be retrofitted with dehumidifier systems that help keep humidity levels at safe and acceptable levels.

Another essential maintenance task that helps reduce mold problems in commercial HVAC systems is periodic duct cleaning. No matter how clean you keep your premises, dust, dirt and mold spores will accumulate in your building’s duct systems. Thorough periodic cleanings will help reduce the possibility of harmful mold traveling throughout the building, negatively affecting you, your employees and your customers.

Duct Cleaning In Gilbert, AZ

If you suspect you have a problem with mold in your building, contact the professionals at Simply the Best Heating and Cooling for help. We offer effective duct cleaning in Gilbert, AZ, along with other beneficial indoor air quality services.