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If you’ve ever needed a tune-up on your HVAC system, or emergency HVAC work done, you’ve likely went to Google and searched for “the best HVAC company near me”. No doubt there were many choices available to you in the Phoenix Valley area, but how do you know which one to choose from?

In this article we will discuss why it is important to find and work with the best HVAC Contractor / Company in your area and why it’s beneficial to stay local with a locally owned and operated company. We will provide helpful tips from industry experts, and we hope that this will save you money, time and headache when the time comes to finding a HVAC Contractor you can trust.

Your HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning) system is arguably one of the most important aspects of your home. It is responsible for providing heat, air conditioning, and overall home comfort throughout the year. You may have higher-than-necessary utility bills if your HVAC system is not well maintained or operating correctly.

Therefore, you need to find the best local HVAC Company to properly maintain and service your heating and cooling system. Searching for and finding a trustworthy HVAC contractor who will service or install your heating and cooling systems quickly and efficiently isn’t always easy. There are many HVAC companies in and around Tempe, AZ.

When you need replacement or repair of the heating and air conditioning unit, it can quickly become an emergency, and you will want to locate an HVAC service provider near you as soon as possible.

Usually the goal is to repair or replace your HVAC system as quickly as possible. But you also want to look out for the most dependable and trusted HVAC contractors for your project. Still, there is a need to be careful when searching for one.

Before signing an agreement with any HVAC contractor, there are a number of factors to consider in order ensuring quality service and installation. 

Note that just because HVAC contractors are popular, they might not be right for your task. 

Tips to Determine the Best HVAC near you

The appropriate time to choose an HVAC company for your home comfort needs is before you have an emergency. You get much less time to research companies when you need things fixed immediately, this applies to both residential and commercial customers. Heating and cooling devices are complex systems that also contribute to your home’s ventilation and indoor air quality. Check out these tips to assist you in choosing the best HVAC Company near you.

HVAC Contractor’s Essential Paperwork – Licensed, Bonded, and Insured

Licensing – Depending on where your business is located, the state, municipality, or county may require an HVAC contractor to obtain a license. Often, certificates of passed examinations and technical HVAC training may be a state requirement. 

Bonding – A contract license guarantee bond is required as security against unjust practices as well as a kind of financial coverage in case anything happens with the agreement. It is a requirement for obtaining a license, so verify with your local authorities once again if it is a compulsory requirement. The amount of the bond depends on local requirements.

Insurance – Ask the contractor if they are insured. They should be more than willing to share information like that as it protects both you and them in case something goes wrong.

Home Evaluation

If you are looking for an HVAC system to be built, prospective contractors should provide a detailed home evaluation to determine the optimal option for heating and cooling.

 Contractors should inspect the duct network for leakage, loose parts, and isolation. Sizing a new system should not be done based on square footage alone, but based on measurements based on data fed into industry software known as:

  • Manuals J (for cooling and heating loads)
  • S (to assess equipment size)
  • D (for duct systems)

The HVAC contractor should give you a written, detailed estimate once you have an evaluation to assist you in comparing costs, warranties, and energy efficiency among the proposals. Don’t simply go with the cheapest price tag. Many systems require a few years of running to make up for the difference in cost. 

For example, in our climate, by using less fuel over time, a better quality, more efficient furnace can go for a larger price tag. So take into consideration the price and the quality of the HVAC contractor will install. 

Be precise with your needs

Know the architecture of your system and its maintenance history you want to install before hiring an HVAC service. Noting rooms that feel too hot or too cold is also helpful. The information will help you save time as you will quickly determine if the contractor is aware of your HVAC system and provides the services you need.

References and Referrals

Search for and call for recommendations and references in regards to HVAC near you. Ask if they complete jobs that have been within the budget and on time. Ask if clean facilities were performed by the company and the property of the homeowner respected.  

Run potential contractors to see what types of complaints are registered past the Better Business Bureau. You can also check complaints or ratings online, but bear in mind that there are many fake online reviews. Look for suspicious glowing reviews without details and reviews without adequate details.

Consult your friends, neighbors, or colleagues when you’re looking for referrals. Ask local business organizations for members around you for names of the best HVAC companies in your city or check online services such as Angie’s List of America’s Air Conditioning Contractors. 

A good HVAC contractor will also have trucks that should be in good condition. And the company name, as well as the logo, should be well listed on vehicles.


Ask for Contractor’s Credentials

The license and protection bond are the main prerequisites, but you’re also going to make sure the contractor has all the permits to do the job. Find out if the HVAC contractor has expertise in managing, fixing, or upgrading the current system to avoid potential misunderstandings or technical issues. 

If you are preparing to install a new device, investigate which contractors are specialized in that particular brand or model. A good contractor will be there to guide you through the process of maintenance. Understanding how to operate the machine on your own will save a significant amount of money in the long run.

Contract details

It is always a good idea to keep correspondence in writing, starting with the initial inquiry. It is better sometimes to send an email instead of directly calling the company. So ensure you keep track of what has been said or planned.

Don’t count on promises. Require all quotes or bids in official writing to be returned so that you can file them for later reference. Before signing a contract, make sure the paper contains:

  • All specifics of the dates on which the work will be done
  • A detailed description of the cost of labor and equipment 
  • Dates of payment 
  • Time for completion of the project

Consult Better Business Bureau

In case you are not sure of HVAC Company you can counter check its details in the Better Business Bureau (BBB) is very helpful. The website shows whether any customer complaints have been made against the company listed. Contact your local BBB office with any questions you might have about any nearby HVAC. You can also check company competence from the reviews for the company.

Where Can I Find an HVAC Contractor?

Check America’s Air Conditioning Contractors (ACCA). This non-profit organization is made up of more than 60,000 indoor environment and energy services professionals and 4,000 businesses.

ACCA allows you to identify credible companies among their representatives who are searching for professional contractors. Such employers will be in good standing and will be able to provide a range of references for previous jobs.

Another choice is researching quality HVAC Companies near you on Google and other platforms where previous customers review and rate their experience, and provide valuable feedback.

A third option that often appears to work better than any official review platform asks for recommendations and referrals. Ask friends, neighbors, and colleagues working in the same field as yours, even ask family members. Those who are usually in your trust circle will not mislead you.

Bottom line

It is expensive to install, maintain, repair, or replace an HVAC system. Make the best choice and save money and time for your home or business. Make sure the company you choose is an expert in new HVAC installs, whether it’s AC units, furnaces, or heat pumps. They should also be experts in repair maintenance services to keep your system running at peak efficiency for a long time.

HVAC systems add to your home’s health and comfort. Hiring the right contractor will keep your system in top shape and lower your overall energy bills.

Do not hesitate to ask for copies of all the necessary paperwork, such as licenses, registration, and insurance, other relevant certificates and permits, even if your best friend recommends the contractor.

Choosing a local, trusted HVAC contractor near you is the best way to avoid scams. It will enable you to verify their actual business address and ensure that all they are licensed and are competent in their HVAC system installation.

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