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Winter is fast approaching and every homeowner, business owner and renter is thinking about ways to cut down on winter energy costs. There are also consumers who have given up on trying to reduce the amount of energy their heating system consumes.

Well, Simply The Best Heating and Cooling has some great news for everyone. There are simple, but effective ways of reducing winter heating costs.

Ways You Can Reduce Your Energy Costs In The Winter

The following are easy ways you and your family can save money by reducing your energy costs during the winter months.

Clamping Down On Vampire Electronics

It may be surprising to many but did you know that many electrical appliances consume energy even when they are switched off? These are the so called “vampire” electronics we’re referring to. For instance, any remote-controlled appliance, goes into stand-by mode when switched off from the remote. This makes it possible for you to switch it back on from the same controller. In this mode, a TV, home theater system or computer consumes some energy.

While the amount consumed by a single unit might be almost insignificant, several appliances on stand-by mode can drive your energy bill upwards. To reduce your winter energy costs, be sure to switch off appliances you’re not using from the socket, or unplug the device if possible.

Turn Your Heater’s Thermostat Down A Few Degrees

This will reduce the temperature of your home or office, but we know for sure you will save a significant amount of money when you implement this measure. Just put on a sweater and turn the thermostat two degrees down. This will save you a significant amount throughout the cold winter season.

Fill Up The Dish Washer

Dish washers make life convenient but they can be costly to operate. Our recommendation is that you fill up the dishwasher to capacity before turning it on. This will save you both energy and water. You can leave the day’s dirty utensils until you finish your supper to load up the dishwasher.

Service Your Heater

Servicing your heater before winter arrives is one of the best ways of reducing winter energy costs. General maintenance and servicing can increase the energy efficiency of the system, thereby reducing your energy costs.

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