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The money spent on salary represents a major part of a company’s budget so we all want the best out of our employees. Unfortunately, failure to provide a suitable environment (which includes a suitable office temperature) can prevent this from happening.

It is highly recommended that companies invest in a reliable commercial heating and cooling system and programmable thermostat.

But first, lets learn five ways that office temperature can affect productivity.

5 Ways Office Temperature May Affect Productivity

1. More Errors Are Made

A study by Cornell University showed that the employees observed made up to 44% more errors when their focus was divided between work and keeping warm.

2. Less Work Gets Done

The same Cornell University study showed a drop in productivity when employees are uncomfortable due to the temperature in the work place. Other researchers and some anecdotal evidence suggest that besides being distracted, the discomfort of too cold or too hot office temperatures may make employees less inclined to complete tasks because it affects their mood.

3. Relationships May Be Affected

“Thermostat wars” can affect employee relationships if they get out of hand. Additionally, employees who are cold tend to stay huddled at their individual desks as they hide under additional layers of clothing. This can make them more distant or at least appear that way.

4. It May Affect Their Personality And Emotional Well-Being

A 2008 paper by Lawrence E. Williams and John A. Bargh titled “Experiencing Physical Warmth Promotes Interpersonal Warmth” suggests that the warmer people feel, the more trust and more giving they are. Similarly, several studies including one by UCLA, have shown that people who find their office temperature bearable were likely to be happier at work.

We strongly believe that the right commercial heating and cooling unit, along with a programmable thermostat, is a valuable investment in your business and the first step to helping your employees feel more comfortable at work.

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