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It’s that time of year to renew and refresh your home. Of course, a thorough scrub down of floors and cabinets, and a reorganization of closets and cabinets is a good place to start. But, taking time to spring clean your air conditioning system to get it ready for use in these upcoming warm months is also important.

4 Steps For Spring Cleaning Your AC

You might not be exactly sure where to begin when it comes to sprucing up your air conditioner, so we, here at Simply the Best, wanted to provide you with these easy to follow steps:

1. Change The Filter

In dusty regions such as the Phoenix metro area, your HVAC system filter can clogged with dirt quickly. This can cause your system to work harder and can force particulates into your indoor air. By getting into the monthly habit of changing out your filter, you can lengthen the lifespan of your system while improving your air quality.

2. Clean The Condenser

Dirt and debris can quickly build up inside your system’s condenser. To clean it, start by turning off your system. Next, you’ll want to remove the motor cover so that you have access to the fan and coil. The coil can get clogged with leaves, dirt, grass, and dust over the course of months. Remove this debris and clean the coil with a rag. There are condenser coil cleaners available from home improvement and hardware stores. Don’t use water to clean the coils as this can make mud and further clog the system.

3. Check The System

Ok, this doesn’t really involve cleaning, but it’s something you’ll definitely want to do before the triple digit temperatures set in later this season. Flip your thermostat setting to cool and lower the temperature to turn on your unit. Listen for how long it takes to actually start working. It should start quickly. If it doesn’t, check to make sure it’s plugged in and that you’re not experiencing any fuse or breaker issue. If it sounds ok, assess how well it’s blowing cool air through your home. If something doesn’t feel or sound right, give us a call.

4. Schedule a Tune Up

At Simply the Best, we highly recommend homeowners to consider a seasonal tune-up to keep their system running at optimal efficiency and to troubleshoot any potential problems. This is why we are offering Super Tune Ups. This includes a complete inside and out inspection of your system’s functions AND a professional acid wash of your outdoor condenser coils.