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Does your heater refuse to start? You may be overlooking the obvious.

When our appliances and technological devices we rely on stop working we have a tendency to react with pessimism. We convince ourselves that some sort of major breakdown has occurred and that we’ll have to empty our bank accounts to pay for repairs or a replacement.

But sometimes our technology stops functioning for the simplest and silliest of reasons. For example, our TV may not turn because we’ve hit the wrong button on the remote. Or our car might not start because it’s been shifted into drive instead of park or neutral.

So if one day your heater won’t start don’t assume the worst. The cause of the trouble may be basic and easily solvable. See if the reason your heating system isn’t starting is because of any of these four simple causes.

Four Simple Reasons Your Heater Won’t Start

1. Your Thermostat Is Set To “Cool”

You could have mistakenly changed it to “cool” when programming or adjusting. Needless to say your heating unit isn’t going to fire up in the winter time if it’s programmed for air conditioning.

2. Your Thermostat Has Been Switched To “Off”

Just as easy as it is to mistakenly move your thermostat to “cool” it’s even easier to move it to “off”. The switch setting is one simplest things to check first.

3. Your Thermostat’s Batteries Have Gone Dead

But digital thermostats are generally powered by batteries, which do have limited life spans. Normally these thermostats will flash a message letting you know when battery power is low. Make sure to change the batteries as soon as you see the alert.

4. The Heater’s Circuit Breaker Has Been Tripped

When you pop open your fuse box the breaker that controls your heating and cooling system should be easy to find. It will probably be labeled, and even if it isn’t you can look for any breakers that have been flipped to the neutral or off position.

Note: Before resetting the breaker, make sure to turn the thermostat to the “off” position. After resetting the breaker, you can turn back to “heat”.

To reset the breaker, push the switch to “off” and then back to “on”. If this was the issue, your HVAC unit should start working again.

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