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The ever-rising energy bills have forced consumers to search for ways to minimize their energy consumption.

Unfortunately, there are some home cooling myths that many homeowners believe to be true. Today, we are going to debunk these myths and tell you the truth about energy efficiency at home.

The following are some home cooling myths that you need to know.

Home Cooling Myths You Need To Know


Myth #1: Air Conditioners Produce Fresh Air

Many people think that air conditioners generate, let in or create fresh air. While this may be a reasonable assumption, it is not true. Air conditioners simply recycle existing air in a room. The machine draws warm air from the room, filters out impurities, dehumidifies, and cools the air. The result is cleaner, cooler air, but not fresh air.

Myth #2: Adjusting Your AC To A Lower Temperature Will Cool Your Home Faster

This is a popular myth that people have been peddling due to lack of understanding of how air conditioners work. The setting on the thermostat is only meant to adjust the switching of the device based on the user’s temperature preferences. Setting the AC lower than required will only delay the device from switching off once the desired room temperature is achieved. The end result is increased energy consumption and a chilly indoor environment. Since the AC will be forced to operate for a longer period of time, any moving parts may wear out quickly, possibly leading to more frequent breakdowns and/or frozen pipes. That said, the AC will not cool the room faster when you adjust it to a lower setting.

Myth #3: You Don’t Need To Check Your AC Unless There Is A Problem

This is what most homeowners believe and practice to the detriment of their wallets. Every unit needs to be checked and serviced on a regular basis to prevent a major breakdown as well as to extend the life of the unit. At Simply The Best Heating and Cooling, we always advise homeowners to have their AC and heating units checked by one of our certified HVAC techs twice a year.

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