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Much like your car, you need to maintain your air conditioner and heater if you want to be able to enjoy them without stress or worry. You regularly change your oil, rotate your tires, and have other tune-up services done for your car, but few homeowners pay nearly the same attention to their air conditioner or heater. In fact, if you used your car at the same rate you use your HVAC system, it would travel over 200,000 miles a year. That would require you to change your oil 66 times, purchase four new sets or tires, perform four professional tune-ups, and flush your cooling system three times. 

At Simply The Best Heating & Cooling, we do air conditioning and heating maintenance right. As a member of our Comfort Club, you’ll receive two professional maintenance and tune-up services per year to ensure your HVAC system runs at peak health and efficiency all year round. We’ll take care of the upkeep work so you don’t have to stress, no matter what extreme the temperature may fall to.


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What’s In Our Maintenance Plan?

Nobody offers the same level of complete and thorough maintenance that we do. We treat your HVAC system the way we would treat our own and give you the confidence to know that you can depend on it no matter how hot or cold the season might get.

Our thorough maintenance services include all of the following:

Thorough Cleaning of Exterior/Interior Cabinet

Check for Carbon Monoxide

Measure Amperage Draw; Blower and Vent

Check all Safeties and Limits

Check all Pressure Switches

Inspect Blower Assembly

Inspect Flue Draft

Measure Temperature Rise

Verify Integrity of all Burners

Check Outlet Gas Pressure

Clean Ignition Assembly

Tighten Electrical Connections

Check and Adjust Blower Speed if Necessary

Clean Blower Motor Exterior

Clean out Drain and Trap

Lubricate All Moving Parts

Calibrate Thermostat if Necessary

Replace Filter if Applicable

Humidifier Inspection if Applicable

Water Heater Inspection

Clean Condenser Coil

Measure Suction Pressure

Measure Amperage Draw; Compressor and Fan

Check Contactor and Capacitor

Clean Electrical Disconnect

Measure Temperature Drop

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